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Show me the features!

We have received many many suggestions on features to improve game-play (thank you all for contributing!) and after much sifting through these suggestions, we thought it might be a good idea to share the ones we plan to implement:

Here we go…

Sideways motion and “drifting”.
Many users have suggested that your robot should not continue to drift after you release a movement control.  Although his behavior is accurate from a physics perspective, it seems this is more annoying than it is interesting.  So as long as we can still get the gameplay right we will look at tuning this down or removing it all together

Customizable Controls.
On devices with a hardware keyboard it often makes sense to use this rather than the on-screen controls however the game currently does not allow you to customize these hardware controls.  This seems like a very sensible feature so we will definitely implement this, however it may have to be in an update to the full version as we already have a full bag of goodies!

More/Better Instructions.
Although we don’t want to interrupt gameplay with too many annoying popup instructions, it seems that we have left a few too many things to chance and this has resulted in some frustration amongst users.  We therefore plan to add a help section with some very brief (visual) instructions on the basic game mechanics.

Equipment Purchases and/or Power Ups
This is a feature we would love to include, as soon as we work out how to do it!  The problem here is that power ups by their nature have an effect on how your robot behaves (e.g. move faster, jump etc) and this can in-turn affect how easy or difficult the level is to complete.  If the player fails to get the power up, the level becomes very difficult, and if they do get it the level becomes too easy.  Striking a fine balance between the two often means that the power up is sort of pointless because it becomes too weak.  However, there are some interesting concepts in here that we have started exploring… the foremost of which is using the batteries you collect to purchase “things”.  Just what these things are remains to be discovered…

That’s all for now, if there are any new developments we will post them here.

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