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Droid Odyssey BETA 1.06 Update RELEASE NOTES

We are just finishing off the final touches for the upcoming 1.06 update to Droid Odyssey BETA.

This update focuses on bug fixes, primarily associated with some control responsiveness issues reported.  Unfortunately on some earlier devices we are seeing issues in control responsiveness and despite our best efforts it seems this is actually an Android problem:


For users experiencing these problems, if you are fortunate enough to have a hardware keyboard we are adding customizable keyboard controls to this release.

This should help users with devices running older Android versions (including Motorola Cliq users).

We are also introducing an alternate on-screen control option to avoid problems on some devices where the on-screen controls are a little too close to the handset home/back buttons (including HTC Aria users).

We’re aiming to push this update out in the next day or so.



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