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Droid Odyssey BETA 1.06 Released!!

We are happy to announce we have (finally) completed work on the update to Droid Odyssey BETA.  This took a bit longer than expected as we decided to squeeze in several much-needed improvements.

Most notable in this release are:

  • Completely re-written sound engine.  This should rectify problems occurring on some devices where sound files were being reloaded during gameplay due to sound system failures
  • Added multi-touch!  For devices running Android 2.0 or later (API level 5) we are now supporting multi-touch for on-screen controls
  • Added support for hardware keyboards with customizable controls.  Some devices have pretty crappy touch-screens so (hello CLIQ users), for those lucky enough to have a hardware keyboard you can now use this ans customize the controls to suit your preference.
  • Added on-screen control configuration options.  Some users reported problems with the on-screen controls being too near the device controls and accidentally hitting the device HOME button during gameplay.  To overcome this we have added different configurations for on-screen controls.
  • Added help/tutorial screens when starting a new game.
  • Changed droid movement behavior.  Many users suggested that allowing the droid to “float” after releasing a directional control was counter-intuitive.  Although he was behaving “correctly” according to the physics engine, this meant that certain parts of the game were unnecessarily difficult (and for the wrong reasons).  The droid will now cease horizontal movement when you release the corresponding movement control.

This pretty much wraps up the new additions/bug fixes ahead of the full version.. which we REALLY hope will be done by Christmas.

You can download the beta (on your device) here:


Droid Odyssey BETA

Droid Odyssey BETA


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