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Thanks for the help Bug Reporters…

Amongst the many positive comments we are receiving for Droid Odyssey have been an equally welcomed set of bug reports and general game-play feedback.  We are working hard to resolve all issues prior to the full version launch, however it’s worth noting that two devices in particular seem to be having some problems with the game:

  • Motorola Droid X
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet

If you have tried to play our game on either of these devices, or indeed any other device where you have experienced issues; please be patient (and kind!), we are doing our best to address all of these issues as and when we can.

Having said that, our Flurry stats are telling us that a touch over 96% of all games played were done so with zero errors (of course this doesn’t account for laggy controls, misaligned graphics etc).  Regardless of this, we know that at least 4% of our [current] user base has experience an error.. and this is just not good enough.

On current numbers this equates to around 450 people.  That’s way too many people to be getting errors.

So we are committed to resolving these issues, and hopefully the full version will work on all (well.. almost all) devices.

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